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Keymaker is a smart business intelligence platform powered by cutting edge machine learning.


Why Keymaker?

Keymaker combines the functions of an operational, strategic, and analytical reporting dashboard by harnessing the power of Deep Learning-powered AI.

Once thought out of reach, Keymaker allows you to apply multifaceted, AI-based analytics-driven monitoring to all your networks, systems, and processes.

AI-driven Data Analytics

Manage your flood of data with strategic AI-assisted analytics:

• Prioritize and monitor high-impact projects.

• Customize user-friendly interfaces opening up complex data analysis for non-technical reviewers.

• Assist insight by applying models to hidden anomalies, inserting probabilistic ranking markers, and finding and highlighting important subtle patterns.

Open & Modular Platform

Seamlessly tailor our flexible platform to perfectly fit your needs:

• Enables sophisticated AI with a simple off-the-shelf integration package.

• Allows Keymaker’s deep learning algorithm to monitor network and user data, whether on- or offline.

• Permits Keymaker’s algorithm to smoothly scale, handling all your data needs and outputting real-time analysis regardless of throughput.

User Behavior Analysis

Learn More About Your Users:

• Interpret user behavior & leverage insights.

• Analyze user retention, churn, and engagement to better target their needs and optimize your product.

• Monitor and track interactions through the user journey, and analyze results.

• Improve marketing decisions, and monitor effects of key marketing campaigns.

Deep Network Insights

Automatically Pinpoint Unusual Network Events:

• Keymaker’s deep learning system automatically reveals unusual network activities, identifies singular or clustered events, and uncovers unexpected correlations.

• Instantaneous review allows Keymaker’s anomaly detection to immediately analyze outliers, enabling live reaction to clearly-identified events.

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